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<Rules for using Khaim's songs for free>

① When using on YouTube

In the video summary section, mention (@Khaim) or link to this site Posting One of these is required.

[When mentioning]

Please enter "@Khaim" and select Khaim's official channel.

[When posting a link]

Music by Khaim:

② When using on Instagram / Twitter / TikTok

Please mention Khaim's account in your post.

<Example> Music by @khaimmusic

*TikTok includes Khaim's songs within the app, so there is no need to give credit when using them.

③ When using in audio media such as radio

Please mention this site in the program.

④ Others

If you use it on other SNS, please include a link to this site in the summary section, just like YouTube.


*If you wish to use it without credit, Purchase license is required.

※Songs in the DOVA-SYNDROME category are Terms of Uselicense is applied preferentially and can be used free of charge without credit.


① Click "Download MP3" at the bottom of the page.

(Jumps to external site

② Click “DOWNLOAD”.

③ Click "Subscribe To Khaim" to display Khaim's YouTube channel.

We would appreciate it if you could subscribe to the channel, but it is not mandatory.

Then, return to the previous page and click "NEXT".

④ Click the green "DOWNLOAD" to start downloading.


<About tempo>

You can also search by the approximate speed of the song by clicking on each tempo tag.

Fast → BPM100~

Medium → BPM80~100

Slow → BPM~80


Supplementary information

YouTube channel subscription・Instagram, Twitter, SoundCloudWe would be happy if you could also help us by following us on Spotify etc.

The latest information is often posted on Instagram.


Terms of Use (Please be sure to read before using.)

Download MP3 < /p>

How To Donwload (English)

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