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​[Important Notice]

After July 1st, only BGM use accepted.
You will not be possible to upload music works with songs or raps. There is no problem with works that have already been uploaded. 
Thank you for your continued support of Khaim Music.

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Download Unique BGM for FREE.

All old tracks are also remastered.

R & B / Hip Hop / Pop / Funk / Disco / K-Pop  / Lo-Fi etc ...


Give credit and use the music for free or

purchase a license, for usage without credit.


For YouTube videos, apps, games, movies, audio works, etc...

You can use my music for any products.

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Teams Of Use

Before using my music,

Please be sure to read this.


List of free music

by Khaim.

Featured Works


Examples of use as BGM for YouTube videos, etc.


Custom order for your own original song.

  Popular Tracks  

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