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Terms Of Use

Before using

  • Music on this site can be used for both commercial and personal use.

  • By using our music, you are deemed to have agreed to the terms of this agreement.

  • You can use our music for free, but it's not copyright free. The copyright regarding the music belongs to Khaim. (Copyright remains with Khaim regardless of whether or not it has been modified.)

  • Music can be used for various purposes such as YouTube videos, video works such as movies, dramas, and commercials, in-game BGM, and radio. ​

  • If you violate the terms, you may file a claim for copyright infringement.

  • This site may change this agreement at any time.



  • Subscribe YouTube Channel or Follow Spotify

  • Mention or add link in description

​​① YouTube
Either a mention (@Khaim) or a link to this site is required in the video summary section.

​[When mentioning]
<Example> Enter "@Khaim" and select Khaim's official channel.


[When add a link]
<Example> Music by Khaim:


​② Instagram / X (Twitter) / TikTok
Please mention me in your post description.

<Example> Music by @khaimmusic

*In Instagram and TikTok, Khaim's songs are included in the app, so there is no need to mention them when using them.


③ When using in audio media such as radio
Please mention this site in the program.


④ Others
If you wish to use this site on other SNS, please include a link to this site in the summary section. ​

Prohibited matter


  • Registering sound sources from this site and works using sound sources with YouTube Content ID and copyright management organizations.

  • Sale of tracks, secondary distribution
    Uploading as a musical work (including adding vocals and remixes)

  • Monetization of videos whose main content is music (1 Hour loop, etc.)

  • Use in prohibited content

  • Act of misrepresenting the composer

  • Use without mentions/links

  • Distribution on iTunes, Spotify, and other distribution services

  • Acts of copying and publishing the contents of this site (online or offline)
    Creating, publishing, and selling music scores for tracks

  • Use for purposes that damage or are judged to be likely to damage the honor or trust of the composer/producer.

<Prohibited content>​
・Content that violates laws and regulations (Japanese law) or is contrary to public order and morals
・Adult content
・Productions and content related to politics, religion, and other ideologies

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