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Terms Of Use

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Before using

  • Music of this site can be used for both commercial and personal use.

  • By using my music, you are deemed to have agreed to the contents of this agreement.

  • The copyright of all music of this site to Khaim. (The copyright belongs to Khaim regardless of processing or addition of vocals.)

  • It can be used for various purposes such as YouTube videos, video works such as movies, dramas, commercials, in-game BGM, and radio.

  • If you violate the rules, you may file a petition for infringement.

  • Works that use music before February 2021 are not covered by this agreement.

  • This site can change this contract at any time.

How to

When you use music of this site for free, please be sure to give credit in the description.

If you use on audio media such as radio or podcast, please mention  about this site in the program.

If you want to use it without credit , please order the license .


How to give credit

[When using as Background Music]

Example: Music by

Prohibited matter

  • Register for YouTube Content ID

  • Upload the the songs using my tracks. (After July 1, 2022)

  • Use Khaim music without credit or license purchase

  • The act of directly linking to the sound source file (ending .mp3) of this site

  • Selling music of this site, secondary distribution, or making a video

  • Acts of pretending to be a composer

  • Distribute via iTunes, Spotify, or other distribution services.

  • Registering works using sound sources with copyright management organizations

  • Acts of copying and publishing the contents of this site (whether on or offline)

  • Use the music / contents that violate the law or violate public order and morals

  • ​Use the music for adult content

  • Use the music in politics, religion and other ideological productions and content

  • Creating, publishing, and selling sheet music for Khaim music

  • Use for purposes that are deemed to damage or may damage the honor or credibility of the composer / producer.

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